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Welcome to Korattymuthy’s Home Page                                         Malayalam Prayers to Korattymuthy ( New)

In Kerala ( India) Hail Mary or Mother Mary is also known as ‘Korattymuthy’.  More details can be had from the Home page.  Myths, history, location etc. are explained in the site.

Prayer to Koratty  Muthy ( Hail Mary or Ave Maria)


Virgin full of goodness, 
Mother of Mercy, KORATTYMUTHY 
I entrust to you my body and soul,
my thoughts,
my actions, 
my life and my death.
O my mother Korattymuthy, deliver
me from all the snares of the devil. 
Obtain for me the grace 
of loving my Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son,with a true and perfect love, 
and after him. O Mary, Korattymuthy,
to love you with all my heart 
and above all things. O my Korattymuthy,
 mother of God, help me in obtaining 
all the favors I now need and seek especially
 ……… (please mention your personal prayers) 
Hail Mary! Koratty Muthy, pray for us   ( 10 times )






More Details

Fr.Thomas Pynadath,
Forane Vicar,
Koratty Muthy’s Pilgrim Centre.
Koratty -680 308, Chalakudy,

Trichur ( Thrissur / Trissur),

 Kerala State, INDIA
+91 480 2732780/ 2734009

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For Koratty Muthy’s Novena & Prayers

Malayalam Prayers to Korattymuthy (koratti muthi)