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Koratty Muthi
Mass Timings
Marian Novena to Korattymuthy
Marian Feast of Korattymuthy
Malayalam Prayer to Hail Mary

Background Information

St. Mary’s Forane Church at Koratty, in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam - Angamaly, is the most revered Marian Pilgrim Centre in India after Velankanni. Millions of devotee’s throng to this place every year from all over South India. Many a miracle is attributed to Our Lady at this Shrine. The ill and the infirm and the distressed Damsels who yearn for their partners in life, the parents who long for a child - flock to this Shrine to seek solace. The millions who throng to this place are testimony to the benevolence of the Mother.

Myth and the Mystery

The folklore has it that, back in the 13th Century, while a coffin was being carried to Ambazhakkadu for burial in the Church there, because of the absence of Churches in that part, the pallbearers had to rest for a while at Koratty. Later it was seen that the coffin had got stuck hard to the ground, where it was ladi during their stopover. The Elders then prayed for divine help and it is believed that they had a profound insight of divine intervention and they made a makeshift Church and Cemetery at that spot. The ruler of that place lavishly helped the dwindling Church by assigning tax-free lands. Later on there was considerable support from various quarters as well, in rebuilding the Church. The Altars and the artworks above it date back to the 15th century. Thus faith, art and culture conglomerate at this Marian Pilgrim centre, now fast emerging as the Velankanni of Kerala.

Another folklore has it that, year’s back, a pilgrim hailing from Meloor, was carrying a basket of Poovan Bananas, as an offering to the Koratty Muthy. On the way, he had to pass through a paddy filed, where a rich landlord was getting some work done through his laborers. On seeing the Basket of bananas, he ordered the pilgrim to hand him two bananas. The pilgrim told him that, it was not possible, as it was an offering to be placed before the Koratty Mutthy. This irked the landlord and he forcibly took out two bananas from the basket and ate it. No sooner that he had eaten the bananas, the landlord started writhing with intense pain in his stomach. Medicines could not cure the pain and at last the landlord realized that it had been some divine intervention and he immediately gave away half of the paddy field where he was getting the work done, as an offering to the Koratty Muthy. The moment he did this, the pain subsided. Since that day, pilgrims throng from all parts of the hamlet with Poovan Bananas as an offering for the Koratty Mutthy.

The Koratty Angadi Railway Station is also part of a Folklore. During one of the Annual feast and Festival of Koratty Muthy, a train which never had a stop in Koratty, came to a mysterious halt when it reached Koratty. Neither could any Mechanical snag be found out, not could anyone restart the train. The Passengers also joined in the Celebrations at the Koratty Muthy Church and gave offerings to the Muthy. Later when they came back into the train, the mechanical snag was rectified mysteriously and the train proceeded. Sensing divine intervention, the authorities immediately made arrangements for a Railway Station at Koratty and that is how the present day Koratty Angadi Railway Station came into existence.

The Madura Coats Factory with around 3000 Employees from nearby hamlets has a similar awe inspiring tale to tell. It seems, the area where the Factory is situated at Present was Originally planned to be an Airport. Work was in full swing for the Airport and even a Helicopter had landed there. The work kept on being hindered in one way or other by a mysterious lady with a child in hand. The Hindrances grew to such an extent that the plan for an airport was abandoned and instead the Madura Coats Factory came up, which feeds over 1000 Employees and their dependents today.

Annual Feast and the Festival

Every year, Our Lady’s Feast is celebrated in the month of October - Saturday and Sunday following the 10th of October, with great pomp and fanfare. Bishops, Priests, Nuns and people from every caste and creed from different parts of the Country attend the feast and seek Our Mother’s Blessings. The Offerings include cash, candles and other valuables. The Holy Mass is followed by a awe-inspiring pageantry. The newly built beautiful church with illuminations is in itself a magnificent sight.

Social Activities carried out by the Parish

It is to be mentioned that the fairly good amount received as offerings, goes to finance our Schools, Hospitals and other charitable ventures. The Hospital named after our Lady is a great help to thousands of people in and around this hamlet. This adds a social dimension to the Church. In addition to the 1650 families that the Forane Church has to cater to, it has also to look after the needs of 20 other Parishes of this Deanery.